About us

Delivering excellence in financial products selection for everyone in Vietnam

About us

We create consumer value

Consumer value through our digital marketplaces. Rainbow Group is a technology company with deep rooted experience in Vietnam’s financial market.

We believe that both technology and finance are tools to create value for people and that’s why our endeavor is to keep customers at the heart of everything we do.

Our vision

To inspire and enrich people's lives with financial independence

Our mission

To use our data and technology for our customer’s financial independence and collaborate with Partners, employees and stakeholders with a common goal to be better together, everyday.

The core values

We are different

We take pride in being different not for the sake of being different, but for the sake of creating a difference by everything we do

We are simple

We love to keep things simple and that reflects in everything we do, the way we work together, the way we make ideas happen, or the experience we strive to deliver for our customers. Simple but effective.

We are sociable

We are the only friend you will ever need. We are there for you when you need that little financial help. We are there for you when you need to find that sweet deal. We are there for you when you simply need to talk.

We are supportive

We support each other through teamwork. We support our customers by changing the way they choose financial products and helping them save money. We support our employees with a rewarding career.

We like smiles

Happiness is always inside out. We take pride and happiness in what we create to transcend the smiles of all the people and lives we touch with our solutions.

The team

Our Foundation

We consider the values and the vision of our founders and promoters as our biggest asset. With decades of experience in driving financial and technology based solutions in the SE Asia region, our core team brings great amount of experience, energy and valuable market insights to making Rainbow Group a beacon of change in Vietnam’s financial product market.